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Afflictions by Aaron Wiegert

In an apartment of brick,
the midget’s mother’s tube
didn’t get all
Four broadcast channels.
Her son was on the fire dept.
when she had all the stations.
a volunteer ladderman
Who sat quietly in the back.
A Gentleman at the end of the hall
got 8 but not 13,
til the wind loosened the leaves
and the rakish antennae
Flipped the reception.
After a week,
the landlord came down
from the roof
returning the receptor
to its origin.
8 flashed fondly on her coffee table,
reflecting a jar of indifferent candies.
The Gentleman seemed sated
but the Mother had grown
accustomed to 13, and her son
was long gone.

(Image “Autechre” © Flickr user Evan)