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Panic Attack on the Tilt-A-Whirl by Dean Giordano

Faster and faster, a ring of Saturn
Built up from a thousand marquee lights
Spinning in unison
Approaching escape velocity
Creates a halo around my seat
I break free of the park grounds
Cross the invisible divide
Rising to heaven, a foreign object
Ezekiel’s messenger
Ring of glowing eyes
On the angel’s bald spot

They hum with the glory
Of the heavenly diodes
Sing the Hymn of the Lord
Or maybe I am the one
Outside of my seat
Dyspneic, whispering
At the top of my lungs
Abject to gravity
Kneeling for prayer or freefall
As I sit in the churning halo
Of a dozen spinning cars

But no, now I am on my way
To meet the Lord in the air
Dizzy but relieved of
Man’s gravitational weight
And now I am hiding in the corner
Of the night manager’s office
Asking for water
And now the shrinks can do
Absolutely nothing
To remove the blinking afterimage
Of God—all Neon—from my eye


© 2014 Dean Giordano

Dean Giordano is a New York transplant living in Texas. He received his BA from Texas Woman's University. Besides writing, he composes music, watches horror comedies, and bends over backwards for his pompous house cat.