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Forget the Weight by Adrian Cepeda

Stop looking down as you eye this scale,
why can’t you face, it’s only a number
and I desire you in lace? Let me
rediscover your widest regions
when you slip on those tightest panties,
feel me panting closer, embracing
your full moon reflection—sparks
the rising and uncurtaining
of my only up and coming attraction,
You always ignite me, with your widescreen
thighs. I love you heavy, my beauty
I want you like the Abbey Road
epic. Can you feel me, reaching
for you, with my riffs of desire.
You are my favorite guitar
long neck and body so wide.
The duet of our conversation:
your mind is the rhythm,
your voice the chorus—I want to play
your softest chords, creating the most
beautiful music in between your thighs.
All the skin of excess you see, leads me
to your wisdom palace loving to enter.
I crave your sweetest face when you lick
the bottom, emptying all the plates.
Under the table, feeling you slip
off those heels, erotically
playful with your feet. Check please…
watching you shake so deeply distracted
by your beauty you wiggle on repeat.
Hungering for more than your curvaceous
vision; dessert is my cherry on top—
spooning at home under these sheets.
With every kiss you forget the scales,  
remembering with every lick gushing
your loudest pleasures unleashes
everything, bellow your belt,
your private lips I need and find entreat—
with every thrust you love my touch…
enraptures me with your body temple,
seeing above me, worship every love
handle I savor with licks so sweet, hoping
you finally feel me, of all I suck—
you taste complete.

Adrian Ernesto Cepeda is an L.A. Poet who is currently enrolled in the MFA Graduate program at Antioch University in Los Angeles where he lives with his wife and their cat Woody Gold. His poetry has been featured in The Yellow Chair ReviewThick With Conviction and Silver Birch Press