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We All Got a Secret Side
by Trish Hopkinson
Writer of the Month

It’s all thugs and Powermad

    skidding to a stop on a desert highway

        where Sailor and Lula jump and dance

            and fade into dust and tumbleweed.

It’s love and love me tender.

        Enter Elvis.

        Enter the Good Witch.

It’s all murder and mothers—

    red-faced mothers—mad and envious

        with a hit man, and a hit man,

            and Lula’s screams that curdle

like her curls, like Sailor’s “Hell yeah!”

    It’s robbers and manslaughterers.

        It’s all Lynch mobs and dreamscapes

            of passion and death and lipstick.

It’s wild at heart.

        It’s weird on top.

        It’s even stranger underneath.

Trish Hopkinson has always loved words—in fact, her mother tells everyone she was born with a pen in her hand. Trish is co-founder of a local poetry group, Rock Canyon Poets. She is a project manager by profession and resides in Utah with her handsome husband and their two outstanding children. You can follow her poetry adventures at