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Blue Daydream
by Trish Hopkinson
Writer of the Month

The woods were bluer
than velvet. The sound was
the falling of a tree, cut off
by scissors and heard
by the horrible ear
of the woman singer
with the good tongue,
out in the terrible night—
curious and interesting,
like a good daydream.
She went back to the 7th
floor apartment, hungry
or thirsty or both and still
rolled up on the bottom
shelf where she
has always been.

--found in lines from Blue Velvet, a film by Lynch, David. MGM. 1986.
--originally published Straight Forward. Issue 9. June, 2015. 

Trish Hopkinson has always loved words—in fact, her mother tells everyone she was born with a pen in her hand. Trish is co-founder of a local poetry group, Rock Canyon Poets. She is a project manager by profession and resides in Utah with her handsome husband and their two outstanding children. You can follow her poetry adventures at