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Three Poems by Nathan Alan Schwartz

The Decay of Today

The decay of today
It bleeds and cracks
and the wound never heals
I sit and I wonder why
the decay of today
blends into the next

And as I stay
and listen to the voices that scream
the Decay of today
is the only thing I have

The morning star breaks
and the decay of today


Ever have something that you can’t express?
Something that sticks on your tongue
like a post it note
it reminds you that it can’t be expressed
you try to find ways
turn it sideways
Flip it on its head
Grab it by its tail
But nothing works
that something remains on your tongue
like a bad after taste
it is so simple and so easy
But it is so painful
you swallow all the words
that can be used but they don’t kick in
your mouth swollen from constipation
and your collages staring at you in anticipation
the fire that you thought was there
is just a match’s flame
Because you couldn’t say or even do
what was engraved into your mind’s map
she gives a smile
and you are a child
lost in a big forest

you want to express
but the words are to big
to give to her.


Capitalist Parade







Nathan Alan Schwartz is a Film major at Los Angeles Valley College, one of the editors of Enhance Magazine, and Editor-in-Chief of Five 2 One Magazine. 
He can be reached at