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New Kind of Think
by Ingrid Calderon

I’m invisible in streets
in bars deadbeats
chime away my ear
limestone soft
and bittersweet

grumbling belly
asks to be
no one cares to know
about burnt flesh under garments
about sliced open arms
bitter arguments

saucy magic thing he calls me
as if opening my legs
were some sort of circus trick
as if humming open mouthed
with the tip of your prick
was meant for caravans
and beacons

dogday breeze
where snow runs deep
no sun or amazon legs to wrap around
some infantile redwood tree

just you and me
watching the town swim by
through tame windows
red lights turned yellow green
just go and come to me
just leave
and marry me

I’m sure you’ll never find one

Ingrid Calderon is a writer, poet and pug enthusiast. Her work has been featured on Suite101, Electric Cereal, ZO Magazine, Beast Grrl Zine, the earthbound review, FORTH Magazine , Shoe Music Press and the Poems to F*ck To Anthology. Her first full-length poetry collaboration, Things Outside, is available on In addition to doting on her lover, she enjoys cooking, lifting heavy things and cracking her bones.