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The Weight of Stones by Charles F. Thielman

Shooting the sun’s tangent
through the smoked filters
of his sextant,
his gaze bores inside flame.
He imagines his viewpoint bench
as a captain’s chair facing
one horizon’s premise,
notebook open.
Petitioning the muse with ink,
he vectors a tonic inside pulse,
craft attaching arteries
to shadow edge.
The ambiguous privilege
of being perceptive
inscribing sharp notes,
stanza to stanza, sung oaths
accentuating the flow.
He layers ink over each caesura,
some distance from leaving
his scars to the weight of stones. 

Charles F. Thielman's work has appeared The Pedestal, Pif Magazine, SLAB, The Commonline, Gargoyle, Poetry365, Battered Suitcase, Poetry Kanto, Open Road, Poetry Kit, Rusty Nail, Pastiche, and Belle Reve. Raised in Charleston, S.C., then Chicago, he is a poet, artiste shareholder in an independent Bookstore’s collective, and a loving grandfather for five free spirits.