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Happily Married by Jacqui Morton

I married ALF and we were actually quite happy. In the early years, I strung stars and cooked TV dinners. On Tuesdays I ate Swedish Fish and on Thursdays he watched his friends’ shows. When we made love, he glowed and when I tried to turn him off, his fur radiated a soft purple. We had twins: part ALF, part me. They nursed well and had violet eyes like Elizabeth Taylor, may she rest in peace. And the twins were perfect – brilliant, even. Once, while we watched from the couch, one brought the moon in and hung it from the living room ceiling. God, I love my fuzzy little children.

Jacqui Morton’s writing has appeared in places such as The Mom Egg, The Rumpus, RoleReboot and Salon. A chapbook of her poems, Turning Cozy Dark, was published by Finishing Line Press in 2013 as a semifinalist in the New Women’s Voices Chapbook Competition. Please visit her