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Body Speak by Brittany Washington

 I've never really liked the sound
of my voice so I’ll let my body speak.
It moves with more confidence
although both are small. My voice sounds like
the ding of a triangle – the tiny three-sided
percussion instrument, but my body trusts in dancing;
it’s sure of its turns and landings to leaps,
I’m least likely to stutter if I use my hands,
my arms, my legs, and my feet.

So let’s dance to a love song;
not with our arms wrapped
around each other, swaying like
reeds in the breeze, but freestyle
ballet and hip hop. Arabesque to the long
note in the chorus; pop and lock to the drum
when it comes in. We’ll fold into each other,
gentle and bowing, and separate
before the music pulls us back together.

I hope you can interpret
the attitude in my legs,
bounce of my shoulders,
the point in my feet.
Hear me clearly as I move because
my voice isn’t bass-guitar strong like yours;
It can’t solo truth so easily. So watch me.
Listen for the way my heart beats faster
even after the music has stopped.