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Squab by Frankie Met

It’s described as the ultimate squabble,
a squash match, the neighbor says,
a hawk on the rooftop of the
tattoo parlor next door is
pecking the eyes of a retard pigeon,
the pale white one the rest of the
group shuns,
the one w/o #’s,
the solo, red-eyed
albino coward w/ mites,
the that’s most hungry-

it’s a series of rounds,
a duck & cover
pecking order
any Ayn Rand fanatic
can see the appeal here.

The neighbor doesn’t come out
and say whether the pigeon was
picked clean,
just that it was a squab,
& didn’t know well enough
to get off the roof,
leave the game, forget the custom,
and choose a new fucking perch. 

In place of a promising career at a fish packing facility in Nanek, AK, Frankie Met is the author of A.P.C., The Anarchist's Blac Book of Poetry & forthcoming prose novella The Professional Donor. He is the co-founder of Kleft Jaw Press, a co-star w/ Bob Odenkirk on Better Call Saul (ok, slight exaggeration-featured extra/stand-in on the show,) & smokes hella weed. Frankie has been published in numerous online/print journals including: Kerouac's Dog Magazine, Unlikely Stories, Carcinogenic Poetry/Virgogray Press, Alt Poetics, Underground Voices, & Drunk Monkeys among others...