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Modern Convenience vs. Missed Opportunity by Frankie Met

Modern convenience takes 3am hostage
Idle conversation like 13 yr old
Werewolves out for baby blood.

He naturally appreciates the fact
that the view from his living room window
is nothing but a blank slate 3 stories high
and w/o opportunity for peeking faces
save the occasional apparition w/
malicious intent.

She struggles to pull up documentaries
about unseen forces, IPAD vs HP.
The running joke is everything’s contagious:
shingles, infectious laughter, cold heart drama
& the love for stray cats that don’t belong to you
but visit from time to time all the same.

Everything has a starting point where
you bare teeth and grow petty
about blood stains and w/no shame whatsoever,
you go on describing your menial existence
as nothing more than 6-60,000 missed
opportunities to learn French, fly a kite
&/or masturbate in public. 

In place of a promising career at a fish packing facility in Nanek, AK, Frankie Met is the author of A.P.C., The Anarchist's Blac Book of Poetry & forthcoming prose novella The Professional Donor. He is the co-founder of Kleft Jaw Press, a co-star w/ Bob Odenkirk on Better Call Saul (ok, slight exaggeration-featured extra/stand-in on the show,) & smokes hella weed. Frankie has been published in numerous online/print journals including: Kerouac's Dog Magazine, Unlikely Stories, Carcinogenic Poetry/Virgogray Press, Alt Poetics, Underground Voices, & Drunk Monkeys among others...