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With Our Yellowing Nails by Amanda Armstrong

The smoke curls around our bodies,
Submerging us in a fog,
We stand around acting cool,
With our blue hair and,
Yellowing nails.

We sit talking of nothing,
About dude this and dude that.
We sit with our blue hair and,
Yellowing nails.

We tell others,
It’s just a herb.
We smile with dorkiness,
And our yellow teeth.

We sit around saying how we could fix the world,
How the world just ‘needs love man’,
We say ‘If i was the leader….”,
We tell each other we should be the leaders.

We talk about sex,
Then have sex.
We say it’s natural,
We say YOLO.

Some say we are disgusting,
And others say we are awesome, dude.
Others try to ‘help’ us,
Saying you need help, you have an addiction.

They say we are out of control;
But we just put that middle finger up.
They say you need to learn what’s right;
We just put up that middle finger.

With our blue hair and,
Yellowing nails;
With our dorky smile and,
Yellow teeth,

We put that middle finger up and,
Say it’s just an herb;
We talk of what we would do if we were leaders,
Then we have sex;
Then people tell us we have an addiction. 

Amanda Armstrong is a young author who found her love for poetry by an overwhelming urge to write one day. Her poetry is about everyday life difficulties, and seeing something through the eyes of another. She has been published on Camel Saloon and in a book, Acclaimed.