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Idea Mercenary by Adam Gerard

When the flags began to wave
I chased each one
What did I have to live for?
I behaved as the wind behaves 

Some ideas lasted longer than others
Were more resilient under the boot heel
Others were more democratic
A cacophony
What did I believe in?
Whom did I believe in? 

There were many others like myself
Though they went by different names 

When the flags began to fall
I looked for other flags to follow 

There were none

Adam InTae Gerard received his B.A. in English Literature from Iowa State University (2009) and M.A in Analytic Philosophy (2014). Adam studied philosophy at second-ranked Northern Illinois University. His poems have appeared in the Leveler, Blue Lake Review, The Rusty Nail, November 3rd Club, Sketch, Paper Darts, and P&W. Bathroom stalls across the nation are inscribed with his lithe stroke and political commentary.