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Dear Blond-haired, Blue-eyed Jesus by Sarah Thursday

Oh, heavenly son of God staring down at me from glazed wooden plaque. You save good little girls and boys from being led astray. Your hands always outstretched and welcoming. And that glow. You always seem to be lit from behind. You look like me in the picture. I'm glad. I can clearly imagine you as my warm hearted father with protective arms. I see your face everywhere. In churches and hospitals. In kitchens of Mexican mothers and on greeting cards at Hallmark. You are constant, unlike my other father. Jesus, in the glowing photograph, the kindness in your eyes is home comfort. The kind I've never known. Like you'd never flip the flames in your mind, burn my mother-loving hands. You are not in flight but water-walking to bring me fish and wine. I would even drink for you. Golden hair waving like happy children. Make me your fisherman. Keep me from drowning. I am plaque happy. 

Sarah Thursday is an advocate for local poets and poetry events. She runs a Long Beach-focused poetry website called, co-hosts a monthly reading and, started Sadie Girl Press. Her first full-length poetry collection, All the Tiny Anchors, is available now. Find and follow her on, Facebook, or Twitter.