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Pre-Existing Soliloquy by Edward D. Miller

Non sequiturs stalk me.
They pounce at any pregnant pause
in my run-on consciousness.
Yes, I know its all caps MY FAULT—
after all I did graduate work
in evasive studies …
and my research on the history
of the segue remains unpublished.
I just can’t stay on topic,
except when I’m discussing
how I can’t stay on topic:
then and only then
am I annoyingly repetitive.
As if you didn’t know—
if I don’t take my pill
I’ll spend much too much time
pondering punctuation marks…
(I tend to bypass the semi-colon)
and sooner or later I’ll slip
into a pre-existing soliloquy. 

Edward D. Miller's poetry appears in Counterexample Poetics, Hinchas de Poesia, Wilderness House Literary Journal, The Boston Literary Magazine, Crack the Spine, Red Fez. and The Bangalore Review. He teaches media, film, and performance at the City University of New York.