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by Antonia Wolf

The ultimate voyeur
remains unveiled yet pure:
I shall close my eyes
for retrograde passions and desires.
While the bodies divulge and degrade —
O, glorious age of sluts and delinquents! —
the sky moans with rising ecstasy,
and then the sinking breaths after the act,
scratch-scratch-scratching on my tired conscience —
forever bound to be the outsider,
my hands become yours —
but this distance makes me sad.

And when I finally strip my facade cloak,
I’ll tarnish myself with the shame that is you.

Antonia Wolf is a young writer and blogger ( from Bulgaria, currently living and studying in New York. She aspires to be recognized as a poet and playwright with an affinity for reinventing classical themes in a modern context. Previous work was published in Peaking Cat Poetry, The Fountain, and College Life (at the American College of Sofia).