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Super Mario Bros. by Pete Bogg

Know what I want to do right now?
Play Mario Brothers on Super Nintendo
Be Mario, a real mustache Pete
With my foxtail, be high up in the forever blue sky
Flying around, collecting gold
Shooting fireballs out of my arm pits
Can heaven be as cool?

All turtles can’t mess with me
In my ambition to save the princess
Because I’m an old school mafia Don
Like Michael Corleone
Holding open doors for debutants
Shooting scumbags in restaurants
Loving me some marinara

Subterranean dealings
With mushroom people occur
Far below New York City
Bumping elbows with ninja turtles
Hob nobbin’ with Master Splinter
And the impolite society

Name dropping
Receiving orders
Green lighting the Shredder and his gang
Real 90 percenters, just as long as my interests
Are looked after

But if I fall, I’ll fall forever
Might even glitch, get stuck in quicksand
And have to start all over
Don’t know which is worse / or which way is up

But I gotta jump
Because God Damn it! These mustache Pete’s want a piece of me!
But you want to know where they can find me?
Humping a turtle, the real article
1uping myself into immortality, astride a flagpole
Castle bound, and with no time limit
I will not surrender! No matter the danger
Or how many lava lakes or flying fish I must ascend
Rest assured

© 2014 Ryan Donoho

Pete Bogg is a husband, father of three young children, and full time bread winner. In the hours not devoted to raising kids, bringing home the bacon, and hacking furiously at a keyboard, Pete is also a full-time college student. His work has appeared in Drunk Monkeys literary journal. He currently resides in the great state of Colorado.