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Elegant Dining by Roy A. Dorman

With a sawing motion,
I slice downward with the knife.
Moving over about two inches, at an angle,
I repeat the cut.

I slide the knife under the piece of cake,
lift it from the platter,
and slowly, carefully, position it
on the shiny hood I’m using as a plate.

The hood is still warm from engine heat;
a ticking noise occasionally comes from under it
as the engine cools.

The cake is delicious and I savor every bite.
I’m very careful with the fork
so as not to scratch the brilliant finish.

After eating and then cleaning up,
I open my spiral notebook and check off
“Eat a piece of cake using the hood
of a cherry apple red 1934 Ford coupe as a plate.”

I must leave a gracious “Thank You” note
on the dash when I return the car to its owner.


Roy Dorman is retired from the University of Wisconsin-Madison Benefits Office. He has had work published in Lake City Lights, The Screech Owl, and Burningword Literary Journal. He lives with his wife in Madison, Wisconsin.