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she by Susan Barth

she sits on a rock

by the lake

by the tree

she who is she

who used to be me

she thinks about life

full of hope and despair

funny how both

can breath the same air

but they can and they do

sure enough they are you

enter the beginner


but not thinner

who’s sure that this world

has made her this sinner

she who is she

took the girl on her knee

but the girl pushed her down

as she strived to be free

she who is she

who used to be me

wonders if death

is the final decree

she’s been there before


but not scared

there is no noise

it’s white and it’s fair

a bit of a void

she sits with me now

she who is she

she used to be


Susan Barth is a singer/songwriter currently residing in Los Angeles, CA.
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