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Insomnia by Tanya Bryan

A lost mitten in a snow bank barely visible from the sidewalk
The crunch of ice under snow boots from Canadian Tire
Light from a single car’s headlights bounces off untouched snow banks
Sparkling momentarily before returning to the dull blue-white
Only late winter’s night can produce
Smell of the crisp, cold air takes over the senses
As the sins of the day hide in shadows and starlight and silence
Trees hold up their ghostly limbs, barren but for their white piping
Saving them from the embarrassment of naked extremities,
A procession of otherworldly sentinels guarding houses from prying eyes

Only footprints give away these nocturnal wanderings
Soon to be covered by a silent partner in crime
Drifting from the soft blue-black sky
Dusting eyelashes with nature’s glitter
Glistening under the streetlight
Midnight dance party of one
Icy invitation written in the puff of a single breath
Wisped away into the cold night air

Stop to listen
(listen, listen)
To the whisperings of dreams
And maybe one of those dreams
Will follow you home

Tanya Bryan is a poet, writer, and photographer living in Toronto, ON, who is currently working on a novel when she isn’t wandering aimlessly in the middle of the night. She can be found on Twitter @gnomeyg where she posts haikus, short fiction, and observations of the weird.