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Courtyard by Tom Harding

Is winter over already?
The ants seem to think so,
They’re busily arming
Themselves into ranks
Along the kitchen floor.
Outside the birds are
Hiding in the camouflage of
Swaying trees.
This morning I saw a neighbour
I haven’t seen since last spring
Sweeping the skeletons of
Last year’s leaves from his grate.
When the sun steps out
It is almost warm,
Even the cat stirs up
To lie in the watery light.
Soon the bees will awaken
And resume their steady work,
Tending to the courtyard flowers
With the diligence
Of Japanese gardeners.


Poem © 2014 Tom Harding

Tom Harding lives in Northampton, UK where, when not working, he writes poetry and draws. He has been published in various places including Parameter Magazine, Identity Theory, Unlikely Stories and Nthposition. He also maintains a website of his own work at