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Smoking Weed with an Asshole by Barbara Tramonte

He wants to discuss evolution or
The trajectory of some movement
Musical, historical, Christian
And bores through the topic
Like a drone

There is no explosion
No interior blood or pus
Coursing through torn flesh
Just the trajectory.
Can an emoticon
Howl for Edvard Munch?

How many times have you committed
to a night
A lifetime
A train ride
A barstool
A school seat
And sat there
Thighs or breasts
Of girl
Pulling taut
Your desire
For absolute fusion?

You thought,
There may be one way
I can tell you
I am more than this
There may be one way
I can tell you
How I am
Diminished through this time
With you
But I’ve let go
my tongue. 

Barbara Tramonte has had poems published in many literary magazines. She is an associate professor at SUNY Empire State College in the School for Graduate Studies. 

© 2014 Barbara Tramonte