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Thoughts & Prayers
Matthew Guerruckey

ESSAY<br>Thoughts & Prayers<br>Matthew Guerruckey

Matthew Guerruckey on to function and limits of prayer in the wake of recent tragedies, and the hollow professions of faith from our political leaders. 

"True prayer activates our emotions, but the pathetic, hypocritical prayers of our political leaders are designed to do the opposite—they stifle emotion in a cynical attempt to placate their constituents." 

Seasons of Unreason
M.G. Poe

ESSAY<br>Seasons of Unreason<br>M.G. Poe

We are Americans. Ours is a multicultural society. And, we are a proud bunch. It takes focus to be multicultural and American, a kind of cognitive dissonance. Because for a multicultural society to truly prosper, citizens must be consciously willing to accept each other’s diversities, and practice fair and equitable treatment of one another, even when your neighbor’s opinions and actions differ from your own, knowing that though groups may disagree, it doesn’t mean one side is righter than the other, or better than the other, just different. 

Made In America
Donald McCarthy

ESSAY<br>Made In America<br>Donald McCarthy

The Republican candidates for president in 2016, including its deranged nominee, all supported lessening gun regulations, even in the face of repeated mass shootings. Jeb Bush was quoted as saying “stuff happens” in regards to a shooting in Oregon in October of 2015. Donald Trump’s gun policy is for an expansion of gun rights, including concealed carry. In one of the Republican debates, Trump even claimed that he practices concealed carry from time to time, but he does not like to specify when so he can surprise potential assailants. 

Black Dog Aftermath: Resisting Cynicism and Despair
Gabriel Ricard

ESSAY<br>Black Dog Aftermath: Resisting Cynicism and Despair<br>Gabriel Ricard

Almost everyone of a certain age can tell you where they were, and what they were doing, when some kind of horrible news came down the wire. We can’t remember where we put our phones, but we can recall commercial jingles, sports statistics, Oscar winners, and the personal elements of a larger tragedy with relative, often annoying ease. I know exactly where I was, what I was thinking, and what I was doing when the towers went down on September 11th. I remember who I was talking to, when I first heard the reports on Columbine. 

Work Sucks: Examining a Capitalist Myth
Donald McCarthy

POLITICS<br>Work Sucks: Examining a Capitalist Myth<br>Donald McCarthy

In American culture, much of your value as a person is determined by your job, yet so many jobs are either looked down upon, or legitimately useless. And the hunt for value in work leads many to desperation and depression. Donald McCarthy examines this dilemma, and offers a different path forward.