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Naming It: An Essay in Six Parts
Part Five: Incidents Relating to High School
Naima Karczmar

ESSAY<br>Naming It: An Essay in Six Parts<br>Part Five: Incidents Relating to High School<br>Naima Karczmar

It takes a lot of white to lighten black, is usually a waste of paint (grey is more beautiful and easier to achieve with some kind of turpentine based thinner) but it takes very little dark to darken light, and for this reason, I think, my mother looked at me and thought her genes had failed her. 

Thoughts & Prayers
Matthew Guerruckey

ESSAY<br>Thoughts & Prayers<br>Matthew Guerruckey

Matthew Guerruckey on to function and limits of prayer in the wake of recent tragedies, and the hollow professions of faith from our political leaders. 

"True prayer activates our emotions, but the pathetic, hypocritical prayers of our political leaders are designed to do the opposite—they stifle emotion in a cynical attempt to placate their constituents." 

Naming It: An Essay in Six Parts
Part One: A Name and an Incident
Naima Karczmar

NON-FICTION<br>Naming It: An Essay in Six Parts<br> Part One: A Name and an Incident<br>Naima Karczmar

Naima Karczmar with the opening to her six-part look at race, identity, an d growing up, the brilliant experimental essay "Naming It". 

"My mother taught me about white people, swore at them when they appeared on the television, readjusted her rock as if it could protect her from them as well as the electromagnetic waves."