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Election 2016

Sense and Sensibility: Loving Bernie and Voting Hillary
M.G. Poe

ESSAY<br>Sense and Sensibility: Loving Bernie and Voting Hillary<br>M.G. Poe

So you say you don’t trust Hillary Clinton. You’ve heard that she’s dishonest and deceptive and that the record speaks for itself. She is a politician who lies about everything. Everybody knows it. 

You’re not gonna vote for her; or, maybe you have decided to vote for her, but you still feel this way.

Or, maybe you’re undecided, a Bernie supporter, and now despite his endorsement of her you still intend to vote for one of those other two third partiers, Gary Johnson or Jill Stein. Neither of which really has a true chance of winning the election, but you want to show your dissatisfaction with the system by casting a protest vote anyway.

Building a Wall: Trump and Familial Politics
Margaret Evelyn

ESSAY<br>Building a Wall: Trump and Familial Politics<br>Margaret Evelyn

There is a mosque down the street from my house. It hasn’t always been there; I don’t remember when they built it. I guess I could look it up. Post 9/11. Small furor, but it subsided quickly. Now it is just there, and not much attention is paid to it. 

My mother shudders—visibly—when she drives by it. It makes her uncomfortable. Why? Who knows. She is one of those hypocritical Christians: church every Sunday, says the rosary at the nursing home in my city, sitting with the elderly, every Wednesday. Judge not, yet ye be judged