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January 2019 | A Solitary Balloon Vanishing

“You shine your presence silently in a billion ways.” - Jennifer Rodriguez


fiction | leland cheuk | passing days

I’ve been told that our continued existence is a mere manifestation of the memories of the living—our friends, family, friends of friends, friends of family of friends of family, and so on. As their memories weaken, we gradually fade and feel worse and worse until we’re gone for good. Turns out death is much like life.


My poetry pieces flow out in free verse; the way my invasive thoughts, differing emotions and shifting perspectives unravel. I draw from my real-life experiences – as most artists do – to craft pieces that illuminate our soul’s journey. I have found that the external world is constantly changing, and a majority of my concrete pieces lose their foundation, nonetheless these pieces help me gain a greater connection to humanity.

poetry | sage | april goes out like achilles

Now come, we haul a black ship into the bright sea.

God comes down to sit awhile on the beach.

Decomposers know him best, & he calls us each by name


film | gabriel ricard | captain canada’s movie rodeo

“ … if you’re new to the movies of Yasujirō Ozu, Tokyo Twilight is nonetheless one of the most intense dramas of the director’s extraordinary career. Ozu movies are famous for being minimalist affairs. That quality is very much in play here. At the same time, owing to the weight of the film’s plot (in which two sisters reunite with their mother after a long absence), the movie has an emotional punch that makes it somewhat different from other dramas Ozu made.”



ESSAY | leah mueller | time to go, grasshopper

I'm hip to the scene because I'm an astrologer and tarot card reader. I tone down the woo-woo aspect of my craft with underpinnings of Jungian psychology. I don't claim to speak with dead relatives or channel sinister, growling entities from 2,000 years ago. Instead, I refer to myself as an “intuitive counselor.” I don't make as much money as the woo-woo folks, but I can sleep at night, knowing I'm not too much of a fraud.


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