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Suddenly We Are Flying

The St. Thomas More Band Break up
David Garvey

SHORT STORY<br>The St. Thomas More Band Break up<br>David Garvey

David Garvey breaks up the band in his short story "The St. Thomas Moore Band Break Up". 

The sense of humor before his final moments. Damn impressive and more confident than myself when facing the guillotine. I took another sip from my highball.

                “You missed it again! What’s going on man?” Brian asked as he casually strung the strings on my bass, his eyes demanding an authentic answer.

The Astronaut Theory
Joseph Kasler

SHORT STORY<br>The Astronaut Theory<br>Joseph Kasler

Find out what happens when baseball, armed robbery and the astronaut theory collide in the short story "The Astronaut Theory" by Joseph Kasler. 

“Jeff, we took a vote. You’re off the team, man.  Sorry, but you suck really bad. You can keep the jersey but I will need the pants back- just bring them into the office tomorrow.  And wash ‘em too, don’t be a dick." 

The Squirrel
John Teel

SHORT STORY<br>The Squirrel<br>John Teel

He was ugly. He had a giant tail, longer than any I'd ever seen on a squirrel before. His filthy little chest heaved in and out and his mouth was wide open. The strangest thing was his head. Since the latch was open I assumed he tumbled down the chimney, scraping his head as he fell. The hair on top of his head was missing and the skin was blotchy and red. He looked like Peter Boyle if he had been covered in fur. 

A man's life falls apart after a visit from a particuarly vicious rodent in "The Squirrel" from John Teel. 

Following Orders
Scott Waldyn

SHORT STORY<br>Following Orders<br>Scott Waldyn

In Scott Waldyn's short story a man meets an unlikely judge. Are we all connected in the food chain? Find out in"Following Orders".

Think. Think! What was the last thing that happened?  His wife’s face sprung to mind again, her lips mouthing those Miranda Lambert lyrics. Her light blue eyes stood out against the deep green backdrop.

The man pushed himself up to his knees, clenching his teeth as every joint eschewed him. He had to have been lying here for hours.  Did they go on some tour, and he just couldn’t remember it? Had he gotten lost somehow? Fallen off a trail?

Hell is a Place Full of Window Shoppers
Olin Wish

SHORT STORY<br>Hell is a Place Full of Window Shoppers<br>Olin Wish

Ever wondered what happens in Hell? Olin Wish explore's an eternity of window shopping in his flash fiction piece, "Hell is a Place Full of Window Shoppers" 

The wife had been waiting with the stroller at the store entrance.  She and the baby had died first.  The kids followed shortly thereafter.  Clean lines, harsh light, and eternity passed at a snail’s crawl in a warehouse for the damned without a dollar to spend or a house to fill with ugly furniture.  Revolving, single file, through a mystical small intestine.  If only they had decided to fly to Disney world instead of drive, he had thought on more than one occasion in those early days.