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Flash Fiction

The Aliens
Lynn Mundell

FLASH FICTION<br>The Aliens<br>Lynn Mundell

What happens when we only see the stereotype.  In "The Aliens," a flash fiction piece by Lynn Mundell, maybe aliens are among us bathed in stereotypes.

The army sergeant was disgusted by the breastfeeding mother at Target, who thought that all people in camo were scary, as were the two nearby Goths with the black makeup, who were freaked out by the staring missionaries, who were most shocked by the tattooed cashier...

Things to do While Waiting For Snow
Cari Scribner

FLASH FICTION<br>Things to do While Waiting For Snow<br>Cari Scribner

Grieving and life mingle in this flash fiction piece by Cari Scribner, "Things to do While Waiting For Snow."

Your son asks for an egg sandwich. You can’t remember how he likes his eggs, so you cook them over easy. The seeping yolks distress you. You cook the eggs some more. Half the English muffin gets stuck in the toaster. When you poke it with a fork, it rips to shreds. You eat one of the broken pieces, burning your lip. You utter choice words. 

Hell is a Place Full of Window Shoppers
Olin Wish

SHORT STORY<br>Hell is a Place Full of Window Shoppers<br>Olin Wish

Ever wondered what happens in Hell? Olin Wish explore's an eternity of window shopping in his flash fiction piece, "Hell is a Place Full of Window Shoppers" 

The wife had been waiting with the stroller at the store entrance.  She and the baby had died first.  The kids followed shortly thereafter.  Clean lines, harsh light, and eternity passed at a snail’s crawl in a warehouse for the damned without a dollar to spend or a house to fill with ugly furniture.  Revolving, single file, through a mystical small intestine.  If only they had decided to fly to Disney world instead of drive, he had thought on more than one occasion in those early days. 

A Sure Thing
Lou Gaglia

SHORT STORY<br>A Sure Thing<br>Lou Gaglia

Lou Gaglia takes us to a baseball game in his short story "A Sure Thing". After a little girl gets hit by a stray ball, a father considers which risks in life are worth taking.

 "Sometimes it doesn't matter if you're smart or careful," she said. She rested her head on my shoulder, and I thought about the old man and his deer whistle.

Yoko Ono's Fake Breasts
by Lise Quintana
Writer of the Month

Lise Quintana builds a shocking, sweet legend around one of the most unique performers in music history: Yoko Ono. 

In early 1980, just before John Lennon's death, Yoko Ono considered a breast augmentation. But this was 1980, and this was Yoko Ono. These would not be regular one-on-each-side-with-a-nipple-on-top kinds of breasts. Not for Yoko.