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Drunk Monkeys’ Best of the Net 2012 Nominations

We have officially submitted our nominees for Sundress Publications’ Best of the Net 2012contest. Choosing the best of over 240 posts, of such eclectic natures, was difficult, but these selections celebrate work that is meaningful, entertaining, and represents what we do here.

Posts like these have helped us grow quickly in the past year, and provide a benchmark of quality to aspire to in the years ahead. Thank you to all who read, all who submit, and all the writers we’ve been lucky enough to feature.

Matthew Guerruckey
Drunk Monkeys

Aaron Wiegert
“The Taste of Kerosene”

Kyle Hemmings
“City of Love #2”

SC Stuckey
“Salt of the Earth”

Sarah Edwards
“The Echo”

Kufre Udeme
“The Rain Has Come”

Kevin Ridgeway
“Greatest Hits”


Nathan Graziano
“Ninety Days”

Lawrence Von Haelstrom
“Bulldoze the Community Center!”


Donald McCarthy
“That Sort of Bear: How Winnie-the-Pooh Mirrors and Helps Children with Emotional Disorders”

Gabriel Ricard
“Nobody Steps on a Church in My Town: Living With an Addiction to New York and Film”