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MARIA BENET's poetry has appeared in various literary journals. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.  

NAIMA KARCZMAR is a bi-racial, semi-youthful, fairly gay student living and writing in Portland, Oregon.  

ERIC MATTSON was born in New Jersey and graduated from Rutgers-Camden. 

KATIE MOORE is the founder of the literary magazine The Legendary, a coffee shop manager, an Improv actor, and a proud mother. 

DEANNA PAUL is a criminal prosecutor by way of Miami Beach, Florida. She is also an Adjunct Professor of Law at Fordham University School of Law. 

RACHAEL WARECKI is a Los Angeles-based writer and photographer, specializing in portraits of authors and other artists. 

MATTHEW SRADEJA grew up on the East Side of Toledo, on the right side of the tracks but the wrong side of the river. 

DENNIS BENSIE's work has been featured in The Huffington Postqueen Mob's Tea House, and The Good Men Project

SILKE FELTZ is a PhD student in Rhetoric, Theory, & Culture at Michigan Technological University. 

ADAM LISABETH works in advertising as a copywriter and lives in Brooklyn, New York. 

SARAH FRANCES MORAN is a writer, editor, animal lover, videogamer, and queer Latina. She is the Editor/Founder of Yellow Chair Review. 

GABRIEL RICARD is an editor and contributor with Kleft Jaw, the author of Captain Canada's Movie Rodeo, and a contributor at Cultured Vultures. 

CARI SCRIBNER has been a freelance writer/journalist for over 20 years. 

ARTHUR DAVIS is a management consultant specializing in corporate planning. His literary work has been published in over 60 publications. 

JAMIE HADDOX has been studying the art of writing for over half her life. 

DON MAGER has published over 200 poems and translations from German, Czech, and Russian. He lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

In spite of endless efforts by teachers and others to interest WILLIAM METCALFE in the profession of writing, he failed to follow their advice. 

ZAK PARSONS is an English poet from London. He writes to express his feelings and thoughts is what he feels to be the best way possible - poetry. 

ALEX SCHUMACHER has toiled away in the relative obscurity of minimum-wage jobs and underground comics longer than he cares to admit. 


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