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Double-Click Flash Fic
Maya Sokolovski
Iguana Books

Excerpt from "Fifty Ways to Break Your Heart" in Double-Click Flash Fic:

"In her own way, she was opening beach season. When she plunged, naked, into the lake, the water enveloped her in the embrace she'd been craving all year. It was here that she could hide, in the murky depths, and think. She could holder her breath for minutes at a time; she was alone and even he couldn't reach her here. At the bottom of the lake, where masses of seaweed grew out of the sand, she practiced drowning as an inside joke that only she could get." Maya Sokolovski

Maya Sokolovski is a communications specialist based in Toronto, Canada. Maya writes a lot. Reads a lot. Unfortunately, also edits a lot. In her spare time, she plays guitar, goes out dancing, and putters around at home. This is her first book in what she hopes will be many more. Find out more about the author and her portfolio of work at