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Our Haunted Multiverse by Dylan Thompson

For this ongoing series I’ve been finally achieving a long time fascination and conceptual project of mine to combine the traditional and experimental photography I’m passionate about with abstract collage and painting using only material from my own archives gathered over my seventeen years as a photographer and sometime adventurer. All of what you see was created/captured by my own hand and eyes only. There are no stock or elaborate Photoshop filter—just dodge, burn, and blending techniques painstakingly created from hundreds of layers and long hours, days, and months.

Each work is part of a story and dimensions of itself made specifically so that anyone viewing it can make their own interpretation as my writing and film fiction will eventually go hand in hand with these visuals and shed more light as they go hand in hand.

What you see here is the first part in nearly 150 works made from the fruit of a five year period. While rabidly exploring forsaken, off limit, and often quite haunted locations in both rural & urban industrial New Jersey, Upstate New York, parts of Europe, and the no man land dumps, sprawl, and abandoned mills of Lowell, Massachusetts and New England in general that inspire me most.

My other main creative outlet is writing poetry, prose, and music and as someone who’s always wished he had the natural talent for drawing these works are my way of creating my own visual art works of multiversal dreamscape I imagine day by day. This vision I expect to last my entire life and continue to expand and grow on always with the collaboration of anyone interested.

Dylan Thompson can be reached at for information on prints, questions, or any kind of work inquiry. He and his partner are freelance by choice and enjoy getting to know and working with anyone interested in our creations and services in the arts, treating everyone like family.