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A thousand years ago, long before the invention of the printing press, the only way to make a copy of a book was to write it out longhand. The most commonly copied writings were holy books. Thousands of monks spent lonely hours copying lines of scripture in careful freehand. They were faithful and true in their reproduction of their text, but the margins were a different story.

Fueled by sleep deprivation, isolation, and perhaps a few too many sips of sacramental wine, these writers filled the margins of these holy texts with puerile illustrations of animals. Animals playing cards, animals riding other animals, animals pissing and pooping all over the place. Animals with their fingers (among other appendages) in places they probably shouldn't have been. 

No, seriously. 

No, seriously. 

These texts, both vulgar and sacred, represent a complete picture of the human experience.

Technology has changed. People haven’t. Drunk Monkeys was founded with the inspiration of these texts in mind, with the knowledge that what is sacred to one person may be profane to the next. And vice-versa.

As such, we’ve dedicated ourselves to publishing work that’s as eclectic as possible, from some of the most exciting emerging voices in the literary scene. We feature several short stories, flash fiction stories, and poems a week. We also publish essays that humanize current events, focusing on the personal cost of the events that shape our world.

In addition, The Drunk Monkeys Film Department, a group of writers passionate about cinema, analyzes current releases and old classics with humor and style. 

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