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LETTER FROM THE EDITOR / April 2019 / Kolleen Carney Hoepfner

Image copyright Bravo

Image copyright Bravo

Hello, Friends: 

Welcome to April, and to our second annual pop culture extravaganza!

I hope you enjoyed our March issue—I know for a fact you loved Meghan Philips’ “It’s Me…” because wow, the traction on that one! We had a great collection of work, including Writer of the Month Teo Mungaray’s poetry. If you missed out, don’t worry. It’s under “past issues”, as always.

So hey! This month we have Lauren Milici as our WotM. Let me tell you: I love everything I have ever read by Lauren, and I think you will, too. She is one of my most favorite writers at the moment, and I am so grateful she is allowing us to feature her work. 

The pop culture issue is always a blast for us, but it’s always a lot of work. So I want to give a major shout out to founder Matt Guerrero, Managing Editor Chris Pruitt, my husband Fritz (I rope him into a lot of stuff), and editors Ashley Perez, Kia Alice Groom, Joey Gould, and Jeanne Obbard, for working long and hard on this issue (and all issues, really).

This one’s a good one. We have pieces about DegrassiSpider-Man, I Love Dick, Skins, and, in the debut of our new column, “One Perfect Episode”, the MST3K classic, Pumaman—plus a bunch more. 

I would be remiss if I did not mention that, once again, our issue title comes from the Drunk Monkey staff’s favorite show, Vanderpump Rules. Last year, it was all about the pasta—or was it? This time around we’re channeling LaLa’s constant raging against that machine called life. We love VPR so much, we’ve even indoctrinated our newest DM member early:

After a month-long break, I am happy to announce we are once again open for submissions in all categories! We’re looking for more in fiction and essays, so send it all our way. And while we won’t be open for our November special issue for a while, I would like to formerly announce it now: we’re going to be featuring work that previously appeared in now defunct journals! So if you need to rehome something, get ready for us. We’ll be open for that over the summer.

It’s been a great first quarter, and we are so lucky to have your readership. We love our contributors, we love our audience, we are so full of love. 

Be well, 

Kolleen Carney Hoepfner


LETTER FROM THE EDITOR / February 2019 / Kolleen Carney Hoepfner

Now we’re into February, the most romantic (and, if you’re in a snowy region, the bleakest) of months. Our Writer of the Month series continues with one of the most amazing, passionate poets I have the privilege of knowing: Ingrid Calderon-Collins. Additionally, we have work from Sarah Frances Moran, Aaron Como, Jill Jacobs… look, it’s just worth the read, so go for it!

Letter From the Editor

I’ve been thinking a lot about family. My family does not talk to me.

Growing up in a traditional mom-dad-sibling household, I would often struggle with my place in the familial set-up. I am the oldest of two, and the blackest of sheep. My upbringing was filled with an underlying current of panic, my parents not wanting me to grow up too fast, my spirit desiring to grow  up as fast as possible, to get out.

Letter From the Editor: Consider the Penis
Kolleen Carney

I have, over the last month or so, been forced to consider the penis a bit more than I would like. I mean, I have nothing against penises, but boy oh boy, do you guys like to write about them. And talk about them. And reference them. All the time. Every day. The amount of submissions we receive that are totally centered around the gratification of dick is… well, I should say it is shocking, but it isn’t, really. And one can argue all writing is masturbatory, all writing is navel gazing, but I don’t necessarily believe that. I mean yeah, maybe if this was the movie Wonder Boys or something (I did not read the novel).

Letter From the Editor
Kolleen Carney

Everything seems to be falling apart at a fantastic rate.

As I sit here typing this letter, Trump (I will not call him the President) has fired the Attorney General, Sally Yates, for saying what we’re all thinking— that he is a lunatic unfit to run a washing machine, let alone a country. People have not stopped resisting, protesting, for ten days. Longer than that, I guess. It seems there is no end in sight. Have you been making calls to your representatives day in and day out? Are you exhausted?