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Vast Necrohol
Caolan Madden

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VAST NECROHOL is unlike any book of poetry you have read. VAST NECROHOL is, perhaps, an Orcish death swamp. VAST NECROHOL is a story of “SINGKING” deep into the muck of a hostile culture and finding in it purpose, myth, and “LOAVE,” in spite of the fatalistic horror of never getting to be the hero in the “CUTSCEAN.” VAST NECROHOL gathers the gatekeeping jargon and infantile violence of the worst, toxically masculine parts of gamer culture and makes beautiful, faux-Chaucerian dialect poetry from it, much as our speaker “OPTIMIZES” her bone bra armor with the looted skulls of her enemies. 

Chris Pruitt, Managing Editor 

Vast Necrohol by Caolan Madden 

Published by Hyacinth Girl Press 

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